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After the latest local changes Google made to the search results we had a lot of updates to do with regards to how we process the local results. Those updates are now live and have been for a few days. Here’s an overview on how we parse each kind of local search result we’re getting served. We’re currently getting served three different types: the old style, the newest integrated style, and another style similar to the old style only the text that preceeds that pack starts with “Places for…”.

We’ve had a few questions on exactly how we plan on calculating rankings with these new results and why. Basically we try and make the “rank” reflect where that site would actually be located within a traditional search results page.

Click on each image to see the full serp.

Integrated Local Results

Places for Results

Fully Integrated Results

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your third image is the same as the first but should be for electricians in phoenix, otherwise cool stuff.

for clients are you counting the new Places listings as an Organic SERP or still holding that out separately? we are giving our clients two sets of rankings when the keyword brings up local results as we do with the 7 pack. thoughts?

Chase Granberry

The third is slightly different from the first in that traditional web results are appearing the middle of the “local pack”, which is important to note that this does occur occasionally. In the third example, for instance, the domain themightyelectricians.com would report as ranking in position B, locally, and ranking in position #4 traditionally. So, we do call out things separately, and report both if they appear in both, despite which version of the “local pack” is being thrown.

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