What Marketers Can Learn from 2013’s Hottest Words

2013. Wow what a year. We had the pleasure of learning so many new words while viewing SO MANY selfies. Just the other day, selfies were being discussed on Facebook by a group of friends. But the selfies and their various forms is another blog in itself. As marketers we can certainly learn from all these new words and take action.

While everyone seems to love a good cronut, most of us could have survived without Miley Cyrus’ legendary twerking incident. While Miley certainly sparked controversy, we have to learn to sometimes do just that–take an unconventional approach to new ideas. Remember, #YOLO.

In our industry, we all attend conferences and networking events several times a year. This brings phubbing to mind. We have all seen that awkward guy standing around playing with his phone because he does’t know what to say or do in a social setting. Maybe he suffers from FOMO, however, this does remind us that we need to focus on mobile and social marketing. Even THAT GUY will click on ads!

So in 2014, let’s keep up with all the latest trends, words, and technologies; utilizing them to reach our consumers while maximizing engagement.

Let’s take a look at some at some of the hottest words of 2013 from this great infographic by OfferPop:

Hottest Words of 2013

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