New Locations, Higher Domain Limits, and Historical Raven Tools Data

We’ve been pretty busy here lately and wanted to get everyone an update on the status of features being worked on and migrations for Raven Tools rank tracker users moving over to AuthorityLabs. Here’s a rundown on the latest developments.

More Locations

Our Partner API has supported a huge number of locations for a while and now that we’re importing Raven Tools users, we’ve had to finish adding those to our interface as well. We will now be supporting 255 different location/language combinations for rank tracking. That means that those of you who have been asking for locations such as Ireland, South Africa, and Vanuatu are in luck. This change is currently being rolled out and everyone should see it in their account soon.

Higher Domain Limits

For account types that have limits on the number of domains that can be tracked, we are going to double the limits for everyone. Keep an eye out for that change, which should go live today.

Account Imports

If you’ve already sent us your Raven Tools API key, you’re on our list of account imports and we’re working through the list right now. Initially, we’re running these imports manually so that we’re sure the locations, domains, and keywords are all matching up properly. It will take a little time to get through the list but will save a ton of time for those moving over.

Raven Tools Historical Ranking Data

After looking at the logistics of importing historical ranking data from the Raven Tools API and the time involved in that, we’ve decided that it would be a better long-term solution to build an importer for csv files with ranking data in them. If you’re looking to have your historical data imported from Raven, head on over and export your historical SERP data and we will let everyone know when that’s ready to be imported. Keep an eye out for a message in the interface and here on our blog. Eventually, we see this importer as something that will import from more than just Raven, so it will be a great feature for anyone looking to migrate over to our interface.



Hi There, have the domain limits already increased? Also any idea will the import tool be ready??


Brian LaFrance

Yup. We’ve increased the limits now. The keyword and domain import tool is ready and we’re working through the list. Historical imports are being tested and probably a few days out. We will announce that once it’s ready to go.

Seo Ng

Hope to see a better URL organization in the dashboard, such as Profile > URL > Keywords. Preferably with dropdown menu. Would be helpful for those with over 50 URLs..

Brian LaFrance

We’re looking at some major refinements to the interface and will likely add in some of that kind of filtering and sorting. In the past, users have labeled their domains and then filtered by those labels but there is definitely room for adding additional ways to handle those.

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