Not Just Another Rank Checking Tool

There are hundreds of tools available for checking and monitoring website rankings. These tools range from free to thousands of dollars a month and are available as desktop clients, browser plugins, and web apps. Each of these tools strives to accomplish a common goal – find where a site ranks in search engines. AuthorityLabs not only accomplishes this goal, but exceeds it in many ways that may not be evident to casual users. These are just a few features that set AuthorityLabs apart from other rank checking tools.

Fully Automated Rank Checking

Many of the available tools try hard to automate rank checking. Unfortunately, if you have a large volume of keywords that you want to check, they fail at being truly automatic. Most tools can easily handle a couple dozen keywords without issue. When you begin to scale your efforts and track hundreds or thousands of keywords, almost all tools come up short. Desktop clients and browser plugins are the worst offenders. If you are checking keywords at a fast enough pace to actually finish the check in a reasonable amount of time, there is a good chance that the search engines will temporarily block you from running queries. This will require manually restarting the check once you are able to run queries again. On the web app side of things, just about every tool out there has a limit on the number of terms that can be tracked, so they avoid these scaling issues. This results in the need for multiple accounts or manually running segmented keyword lists to stay within set limits. AuthorityLabs is capable of tracking tens of millions of keywords a day with no manual intervention needed.

International Support

100% White LabelRunning a site that you want to check the rankings on outside your home country? With desktop apps for checking rankings, you are very limited on options for checking rankings internationally and even then, reliable data is next to impossible to acquire. At AuthorityLabs, we realize how important it is to have accurate data. Currently, we support ranking data for 35 different countries. Our global network of servers allows us to check rankings from international data centers and report this data alongside your home country ranking data (if applicable).

See What Else is Showing in the Search Results

SERP CheckingYour site is ranking #1 for a big keyword. It has been for as long as you can remember. Traffic just got cut in half. Do you know why? Run a quick search and see what the SERP looks like. Most likely, the results will be personalized for you, which most likely means that what you are getting will be much different from a typical searcher. Maybe you see a plain list of SERPs with a couple AdWords ads mixed in. AuthorityLabs looks for local, news, video, and blog results mixed in with the regular SERPs. Guess what. Your #1 ranking is now below a list of 10 local listings. Using this knowledge, it’s time to go get your traffic back.

Available Anywhere

We realize that teams managing websites can be scattered all over the globe. In order to work together effectively, your team needs to see and react to data quickly. Running reports and creating spreadsheets to show your team the status of keyword terms that are being targeted can be a tedious and time wasting process. AuthorityLabs is available anywhere, allowing anyone on your team to quickly access the data they need without having to request reports from a limited number of users that have access to the tools.

100% White Label

100% White LabelLooking for a way to show your clients the progress you are making on getting their site to rank? Wouldn’t it be great to make it look like the tracking is being done from your own tool? With AuthorityLabs’ white label system available for Pro and Enterprise accounts, you can add a custom logo, run the app on your own URL, have system emails come from your email address, and change the text of the emails sent from the system. No other rank checker has this much white label functionality built in and included in their standard pricing.

Daily Monitoring

Many people feel that daily rank monitoring is overkill. That may be the case for some people, but with rankings fluctuating constantly, we feel like providing daily data is important. The more data you have, the faster you can see and respond to dramatic changes in rankings. With other tools, your rankings may be checked once a week on a Tuesday. If something goes awry on Wednesday, you’re left to piece together evidence based on analytics data and manual rank checking. If you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of terms, manually checking them all is a huge waste of time.

Tagging and Grouping

Grouped DomainsMost people using rank checking software have more than one site or topic that they monitor. Some monitor hundreds or even thousands of domains. Attempting to analyze the data without any kind of segmentation can be overwhelming and will hinder your ability to really understand what is happening. This is where groups and tagging come into play. Maybe you are tracking 20 different boating sites. Group them together and easily see industry trends. Maybe you have one massive site that covers various topics. Using tags, break your keywords out into topically related tags and give yourself much easier pieces to deal with.

Unlimited Users

This is your account and your data. We know that you’re not the only one who needs to see the data so we allow you to give as many people access to the data as you would like. No extra licenses to buy, no per user fees to pay. No need to give out your main account login to save a few bucks, unlimited user access is included in every AuthorityLabs account.

Work While We Do The Work

Some rank checking apps make you wait until it completes checking all keywords before you can view your data. Others hold you up while reports and downloads are generated. AuthorityLabs does all of the processing while you don’t wait. Request a report and we go to work in the background. Once the report is complete, we email it over to you. Meanwhile, you are free to browse around your data, request other reports, or go grab lunch.

1 Keyword is 1 Keyword

With AuthorityLabs, each keyword that you add to your account counts as exactly one keyword. We don’t count it as three keywords if you’re checking Google, Yahoo, and Bing at the same time. If you track the same keyword on 100 different domains, it’s still only one keyword. Unfortunately, some other apps would see it differently. One single keyword tracked for 100 domains across three search engines can count for as many as 300 keywords. In our book, that’s some odd math.

Filter and Sort to Your Heart’s Content

We’ve built in some sweet filtering and sorting functionality. Want to see all keywords with “widget” but not “blue?” We can do that. Each column representing a search engine can sort 4 ways; current rank ascending, current rank descending, change ascending, change descending. Sure, other tools let you export a spreadsheet to filter and sort the data however you want, but we think you’ll like our method better.