Track Organic Landing Page Traffic on Your AuthorityLabs Dashboard

Starting today, if you have Now Provided reports set up for domains in your account, you will see a quick view of the number of organic landing pages from Google when visiting your dashboard. We all know that the goal of improved rankings is to drive organic traffic, so monitoring that traffic as easily as possible is key to your success. This data is available through Google Analytics but not in the easy to visualize format we’ve included on the dashboard. This data is pulled in daily to give you an up-to-date view of your organic search progress.


As you can see above, the example site has seen a dramatic increase in traffic to organic pages lately. The rank averages are reasonably flat, so there are likely some keyword opportunities being missed but are available through our Now Provided report.

All accounts will now include an “Organic Pages” column on the dashboard. If you would prefer to not see this data, you can turn the column off in your account settings. Enjoy this awesome new feature!