Production Update

We really appreciate everyone’s patience as we get this handled.  Pretty sure we’ve got everything figured out and everyone’s accounts should have good data tomorrow.  There may have been some keywords which slipped through the cracks today, but those should get picked up and back to normal the next day. @joseuonline pointed out that the end of the month is very soon, and we’ll for sure have good data by then, so everyone can get all those reports prepped and sent out next week.

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Chase Granberry Founder and CEO of AuthorityLabs. He loves building things on the Internet, skiing in the winter and his beautiful wife.

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Thanks for updating us. Looking forward to the new features:) As of keyword slipping through, our account han’t got any data for last couple of days. But fingers crossed it will be in tomorrow.

Jose Uzcategui

Thanks for the update! and thanks for the Twitter mention 🙂 Like Christian, we also have our fingers crossed hoping none of our keywords slipped. Looking forward to the new data 🙂

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