Quick Competitive Keyword Research

Figuring out what terms your competition is trying to rank for can be a great way to find keywords to target. If you know what to look for, it’s pretty easy figure out. When analyzing the competition, though, make sure THEY know which terms to target. If they do, the quickest thing to look at is the title tag.

Many times important terms will be included within the title tag. I took a look at the top 5 brands that came to mind within the consumer wireless industry. Here are their title tags…

Sprint: Cell Phones, Mobile Phones, and Wireless Calling Plans from Sprint
T-Mobile: Cell Phones,Cellular Phone Plans,Prepaid Cell Phones,Free Cell Phones & Deals – Stick Together with T-Mobile
Verizon: Cell Phones,Prepaid Cell Phones,Cell Phone Plans – Verizon Wireless
AT&T: Cell Phones and cell phone plans – | Wireless from AT&T

From these we know the major players in the wireless industry are going after…

Keyword Avg. Global Vol. (Google)
mobile phones 20,400,000
cell phones 7,480,000
cell phone accessories 1,500,000
cellular phone 1,220,000
free cell phone 823,000
cellular phones 673,000
prepaid cell phones 450,000
cell phone plans 301,000
prepaid cell phone 246,000
cell phone service 201,000
free cell phones 201,000
cell phone deals 90,500
cellular phone service 49,500
cellular phone plans 12,100
wireless calling plans 4,400

I entered those into the AuthorityLabs demo account, and now we can see how each brand is doing for the terms they’re most likely targeting.

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