New Feature: Random Ranking

While we strive to offer perfect, uninterrupted data, there are times where unexpected issues can result in delays or gaps in ranking data. This is typically a rare occurrence but when it does happen, we end up receiving a few inquiries requesting that we fill the gaps in the data. Historically, it has been our policy that if we are unable to get or process data, we show honest reporting within our interface so that people understand that we ran into issues. The little yellow triangles aren’t fun for us and definitely aren’t fun for our users.

Changes to Retrieving Data

The past couple weeks have been somewhat trying for us and we have had to do a bit of soul searching. For two years now, we’ve had a team of children working 16 hour days typing search queries into the engines and manually recording the rank of each and every site in our system. This has worked well for the most part except for various organized “ditch days” that are usually the real reason for gaps in data. Two weeks ago, the kids decided they were entitled to going on spring break and everything fell apart. We’ve been working on catching up since then and with all of the headaches it caused everyone, we are taking steps to terminate all of our manual search staff.

Introducing Random Ranking

Since we know that adding more automation will likely result in some bugs and potential gaps in data, we have decided to introduce a new feature called Random Ranking. As many of our users have noted, it can be quite frustrating when their clients end up unnecessarily stressed out and wondering what happened to their rankings. For this reason, we are adding Random Ranking, which will allow our users to add completely random numbers to their reports by simply clicking a new link that is being added to the interface. This feature is still in beta and very basic. Using it on a well ranked site may result in unhappy clients so we recommend being very careful when using it.

Future features that will be added as part of Random Ranking:

  • Ranking ranges – set a range of numbers to randomize the rankings within
  • Auto fill random numbers when we run into errors processing results
  • Instant #1 – make yourself look like a rock star SEO by faking #1 rankings for your clients

We’re excited about this new feature and hope that everyone benefits from it. Initial tests show that it’s pretty sweet. Feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions about it.

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Can’t wait for this awesome feature! Any chance it will be ready by April 31st? ๐Ÿ˜›

Brian LaFrance


…we got Chase (our CEO) with it, so it was successful. He thought the site was either hacked or we added something that he hadn’t seen or approved.

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