Coming Over From Raven Tools? Welcome to AuthorityLabs. We’re Here to Help.

Today, Raven Tools announced that they are doing away with SERP tracking data, and they have directed a lot of potential new users to us. We’re happy to be able to continue to provide the highest quality data to anyone who needs it.

We are currently working on a way to make moving your SERP tracking from Raven Tools to AuthorityLabs as seamless as possible. We know how important it is to save time when using tools and will be doing what we can to help.

Many of you are also looking for specific features that existed in Raven’s tools. We realize that it is important to have a seamless transition from one tool to another. Some of the feature differences between AuthorityLabs and RavenTools are in our product plan but just haven’t made it into our interface yet.

We’re looking at all of the requests from our current and new users and plan to be very transparent about upcoming product plans for the new year. Please feel free to send us any and all ideas, feedback, and feature requests and we will review them all.

Bear with us for a moment as we ramp up our feature set and we’ll be sure to get you what you need as soon as we can.

In the meantime, all of your SERP data will be collected  from the time you sign up and start tracking keywords, and it is the same as the data you’re used to seeing from Raven, and welcome!

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I'm the Product Manager at AuthorityLabs, which means that I'm responsible for improving features and usability of all AuthorityLabs products.

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Any way that we can retain historical information from Raven and an easy way to export out / import in would be great. We are also fond of the SERP screenshots – not sure if those can be retained as well.

Steve Swedler

@charlotte – It’s possible, but we haven’t had a chance to see how their historical data matches up with our system. But we’re looking into it for sure. We’ll also look at the SERP screenshots. Thanks!

Conor Treacy

The Historical Data is probably one of the biggest factors when it comes to moving to a new tool. It’s for that fact alone that moving from one platform to another has always been a nightmare for us. A couple of years ago we had finally settled in on raven, and now everything gets thrown up in the air again. Much like the rest of your new user base, we’ll probably be joining your program here in the next couple of days too.

Mike Belasco

looking forward to joining your customer list and using your API to pull data into our dashboards. Maybe you could set up an opt-in for an email alert as the plan Raven migration develops?


I’m guessing the lack of responses to the comments above means your team is furiously trying to develop a comparable toolset to capitalize on the ensuing mass exodus from Raventools? At least I hope so…

Steve Swedler

Haha, Something like that. That and coaching my son’s baseball team.

Steve Swedler

Not so much a coup, as opportunity meeting preparation. We’re good friends with the Raven guys and were even trying to help them keep the SERPs going with the Adwords data, but they had to do what they had to do. We’re doing everything we can to make things easy and seamless for anyone looking to migrate.

Looking forward to having you on board.

Brian LaFrance

We have tagging available for both urls and individual keywords. If you have specific needs related to tagging, please let us know and we’ll add that to our list of feature requests.

Mike Zielonka

I can’t wait to give you guys a spin! I am rather frustrated with Raven Tool’s change…it makes their product a lot less useful for me and my team.


What does your reporting tool look like? Can you post an image of what your white label reports look like?


Being able to either set baseline rank, or import baseline rank would be very very important.


What are the changes of Authority Labs also being told to stop scrapping the SERPS?


Ditto on the request for tagging, or some sort of ability to add categorization to keyword lists.

I also just tried importing a list of 1,400 keywords for a client and the interface chocked – the .csv imports are nice here.

Brian LaFrance

We already have some basic tagging functionality for keywords. Let us know if you have specific needs and we’ll add it to the feature request list.

Melanie F

Is there a chance Google will do this to your company? Making you take down the API and thus all of your clients will loose ranking data?

Brian LaFrance

We don’t use AdWords data in our interface, so we’re not at risk of losing anything since we don’t use the AdWords API.


How about checking the rank of localized results (specific country and language)?

Brian LaFrance

We have a long list of countries and languages that we can currently check results for. When you’re adding a domain to be tracked, click on the flag icon next to the field to add a domain and it will bring up a list of countries and languages.

Mike U.

Will you be able to manually adjust the SERP rankings as you could in Raven? The reason I ask is that with Raventools we often had to double check ranking reports for accuracy as it often showed keywords that just dropped off only to discover the keyword was still ranking, sometimes even on page 1. Thoughts?

Brian LaFrance

That’s not in the plans at this point but if we hear of more interest in it, that might be added. The main difference between our data and Raven in that type of situation is since Raven only checked weekly, a drop from the SERPs even for one day would look far worse than if you’re tracking daily with us. Many of our users actually prefer to see that their site disappeared from the SERPs for a short time so they can see that there may be some kind of issue that needs to be addressed with the site. We find that it’s common for some sites to fluctuate in and out of the SERPs from time to time.

Mike U.

Thanks for the quick reply. Although your software checks daily it still might be nice to be able to adjust manually for words that aren’t showing up that are actually ranking. the reason is that I just checked the word “appliance repair tulsa ok” in Bing only to find that our client is in position 7, but it showed that it wasn’t ranking at all. I need to be able to make sure that all rankings are showing up for the SERP report that I send to my clients just to double check that words that they are & want to be ranking for are actually showing up on the report. This was a feature that I liked in Raventools & was needed because I found that these tools often missed keywords that were our clients were actually ranking for.

Brian LaFrance

Yes, we already have Ireland in our API and will be adding additional locales to the interface in the near future.


+1 for Ireland. Is there any chance you can be more specific about when you plan to add it though as otherwise it is a real deal breaker for us as I’m sure it is for Ciaran too?

Jon Payne

Any word on the tool or method to easily import Raven rankings data? I’m looking to make a move here in the next day or two. If you are about to launch something I’ll wait, otherwise we’ll just suck it up and put in the manual time to move everything over.

Brian LaFrance

The importer for sites & keywords is in final testing and will be rolled out ASAP. We’re just wrapping up some location/engine mapping and it will be rolled out.


Nice to know we Raven folk have a fallback!

My question is, should we sign up now, or wait until the historical data from Raven is possible? I’d hate to jump the gun, but you’ve got some nervous SEO professionals (potential customers) waiting around right about now. 🙂

Brian LaFrance

You can sign up now if you’d like. The importer for sites & keywords is in final testing and historical data will follow that. You’ll get 30 days free with no credit card needed when you sign up, so you don’t have to commit if it doesn’t end up working for your needs. If you do sign up now, that’ll start the process of getting daily data, which is obviously a big plus vs. the weekly data from Raven.


We’ve been using SERP tracking tool of Raven Tools but now that they eliminated it, we were left with no option but to look for alternatives. I’d probably try yours for a month. I hope you’re the right tool to use for now.

Brian LaFrance

Raven uses the Google AdWords API for part of their interface and we don’t, so we won’t have the issue that Raven had. We don’t plan on integrating anything that would require AdWords API access and are focused only on SEO related tools.

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