Raven Tools Rank Tracking Migration Updates

As most people know by now, Raven Tools announced last Friday that they will be removing rank tracking from their interface. As one of the rank tracking tools suggested by Raven, we have obviously received many inquiries about features and streamlining the migration of Raven users. Most of the features being requested were already on our road map and since learning of Raven’s plans on Friday, we have updated our priorities to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Here is a rundown of the current status of what we’re working on for everyone.

Importing Data from Raven Tools

Development on an importer is currently our highest priority. It is in progress and being tested right now. We should have it available for importing sites & keywords within the next day or two. Once that is complete, we will be moving on to importing historical data. Since Raven has been tracking on a weekly basis and only selected engines and we track daily across all three engines automatically, there are some kinks to work out but we do know how important historical data is and it is in the works.

PDF Ranking Reports

We are currently working on being able to generate basic PDF reports from within the interface and due to the number of inquiries for it, that is one of our higher priorities. We will also be setting up the reports to be generated and emailed to clients.

Account API

Being able to access your account via API is something we’ve planned to add and will be adding for those who prefer using that. For those who only need an API and not an interface, we typically recommend our Partner API as that has more flexibility and will be more cost effective for those who need to use it. If you’d like to get signed up on the Partner API, contact us for more information.


Several people have asked about being able to tag keywords within the interface. This feature already exists but we’re open to hearing feedback on making it better for everyone.

Location Data

We currently support over 40 country/language combinations and are planning to add more very soon. Our Partner API supports all of Google’s locations and most of Bing & Yahoo. On top of that, we also have plans to add city/zip code level tracking in the near future.

Competitor Tracking

With the way our interface works, you can add as many competitors as you would like and track their rankings for a given list of keywords. We realize that this is a little different than what people are used to with Raven’s interface and we have plans to add in more flexibility for comparing data in a way that is more similar to Raven Tools.

As always, whether you’re coming over from Raven or a long time user of AuthorityLabs, feel free to let us know what you’re looking for in a rank tracking solution.


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