Recap of Killer Posts From the Past Week You HAVE to Read!

Here are the posts that I loved this week!


Twitter Promises Downloadable Tweet Archive by Year’s End by James Dohnert

Titter Will Win The Social Brand Advertising War by AJ Kohn

Facebook Launches Conversion Measurement Tool by Miranda Miller

13 Ways to Improve Social Media Marketing in 2013 by Megan Leap

Advertising on Facebook: Self-Serve Ad Units Explained & Examined by Merry Morud

Making the Most of the Open Data Movement by Andrew Delamarter

Google Plus’ Bradley Horowitz Rips Advertising On Facebook by David Cohen

How My Team Uses Pinterest and The Pinterest Tool by Annalise Kaylor

Visual map of top twitter discussions in your region by Rudi Gabriel Bedy

Marketing and SEO

Should We Chase The Algorithm? by Dr. Pete

25 Online Marketing Trends for 2013 by Shaad Hamid

Top 10 Ways to Stretch Your Advertising Dollars – Holidays by Greg Habermann

Excavating “Social Tail” Keywords For SEO & PPC! Radical ScrapeBox Tutorial #78 By Marty Weintraub

Catching Up with your Local Competitors & Automating Citation Discovery by John-Henry Scherck

The Scouting Report for Link Building Rookies by James Daugherty

What’s Really Included in An SEO’s Job – Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin

Inbound Marketing Town – A Guide to the Sites by Rory Kennett-Lister


Google security glitch restores Webmaster Tools, possibly Analytics access to revoked accounts by Matthew Panzarino

BREAKING: YouTube Officially Launches Associated Website Link Annotations – Link Directly to Your Site by Chris Atkinson

Google connects its Play Store with Google+, public reviews will now feature your name and picture by Matt Brian

Content and Blogging

We Can Do Better Than This by Jonathon Colman

Putting the Strategy Back in Content Strategy by Lisa Barone

How to Better Connect with Influential Bloggers by Jessica Edmonson

Content Marketing: Creating vs. Engineering Content – Part 2 – by Alec Painter

How to do Content Marketing – (Almost) Everything you Need to Know by Aaron Charlie

Can The SEO Industry Embrace Long-Form Content? by Barry Adams

Missed Opportunities – Finding Sites That Publish Your Infographic But Don’t Link by Geoff Kenyon

How To Write Thought-Leadership Pieces That Get Published And Don’t Make Editors Want To Die by Shane Snow

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Quality Score & Tactics for Improvement by John Lynch

Websites / Coding

23 Tips on How to A/B Test Like a Badass by Eric Siu

On-Page Optimisation with a View to the Off-Page by Matthew Barby

Why We’re Pivoting from Mobile-first to Web-first

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Hey, Melissa! Thanks for including my post on “13 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing in 2013”. Appreciate it 🙂

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