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Lately I have been writing about all kinds of things that don’t specifically relate to SEO, but hey, I have to go with what my mind is thinking about. Last week on AuthorityLabs, I wrote about working remotely and how many workers are more efficient working from home.  Since then I have had quite a few questions from people across the web and social networks regarding how I manage things. Today I saw an article by Missy Ward, Keeping Safe When You Work From Home, and thought I would give you some of my thoughts based on the answers I have given lately and Missy’s article.

My Home is Locked Up Tight

Let me be completely honest, I am on the paranoid side. 🙂 The fact that we have had so many home invasions in our city since the economy fell apart is a factor in this, but the truth is it is mostly because I have always been a safety freak. Missy talked about locking your windows up tight and agree. However, I take no chances. I have even had a couple of sheriffs tell me I do things  are 100% right, when they had to check out our neighborhood one night.

My windows are locked, secured and all blinds, shutters and window coverings are shut. You can’t see in, period. That is for my safety. Also. the alarm is turned on the second my husband steps out the door.

So, What if Someone Breaks In?

CatWell, I know there are those that don’t like the idea of this, but I have a 9MM Beretta next to me all day. Being married to a former Marine I know how to aim and shoot very well. When my husband said he was impressed with my shooting skills I knew I was okay.

I take no chances with my safety because I have children and those children need a mom. I plan on being here for them and I will not let anyone take me away from them, if I can help it. If someone comes in a door or a window I will give them a chance to leave, but if they keep coming it is me or them. Considering I am not a ninja and I am fairly short this is my best option for defense.

I NEVER Answer the Door, Unless…

I know that someone is coming. If someone is ringing my doorbell during the day I have no clue who they are so I don’t answer. My friends and family know that the door will not be opened for them, so they need to call ahead of time.

I don’t need work interruptions anyway, so “during the day” visits are very rare. It is just me, my computer, the Beretta and a cat to torment me as I try to type.

I Don’t Have Meetings in My Home, Or Theirs

Missy mentioned in her article that you shouldn’t hold meetings at home and I completely agree. I also don’t feel it is wise to have meetings at other people’s homes. A public place is always best. You just never know who people truly are, what they are capable of and/or what can make them turn goofy (watch the ID Channel).  Take no chances with your safety and the safety of those that live in your home. Letting people know where you live is a risk.

I Have a Business Address

There are remote offices you can pay to have your mail delivered too and their are UPS drop boxes. This is a small investment to increase your safety. All of your business correspondence needs to go through a business address only. You just don’t want the wrong poked bear to know where you live. Sometimes consultants need to be tough and some employees of clients don’t like it.

I know one consultant that came outside of their home and their new Audi was keyed up and down both sides after a tough business meeting. A few of the employees were rude and upset. No one can say for sure it was someone from the meeting, but the consultant used their home address for billing and invoicing. Who knows?

I Check In with People

Missy also mentioned a buddy system if you work alone and I think that is very important. Whether I am at home all day or going to meetings I always check in with someone. If I have a meeting I tell someone exactly where I am going and check in with then when I leave. I do work a lot at home so IMs, Skype, phone calls and texting are a part of my checking in.

Have a system in place so if you suddenly are not heard from someone will know something is wrong.

Smart or Paranoia?

Why take a chance on something happening to you or the ones you love? Trust me when I say that you want to avoid the long-lasting results that come from a trauma/assault. More importantly, I owe it to my family to not take any chances. My kids need their mom, my husband needs his wife and my parents need their daughter…I have a responsibility to all of them, so taking chances is not something I do.

As the world moves more and move into the remote working realm we all have to consider where the risks are and how we can avoid them.

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