Salesforce Acquisitions: En Route to World Domination? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Unless you live completely off the grid or are baked out of your mind, you’ve likely heard of Salesforce. What you may or may not have heard is that they are buying up companies to compliment their existing products like a Beverly Hills housewife buying shoes. Many of the acquired companies have been rebranded to fall in line with the Salesforce brand, which seems to be working well for them. They’re much more than just a CRM now.

Salesforce Acquisitions Infographic

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Brian LaFrance

Yup. December 2009. That link says the following –

The Visual Process Manager is based on technology acquired from Informavores. acquired Informavores in 2009. Terms were not disclosed.


Nice – I’m not a fan of infographics these days, but this one is quite easy on the eye. Thanks, Brian.

Gabriel Gervelis

Nice! One question…. Who are they going to buy next? They just jumped on the social bandwagon with Radiant6. Do you think they will head into the mobile space next?

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