Search Industry News, What You Might Have Missed – April 11

newsIt has been a busy couple of weeks and there has been a lot of big news for our industry, and anyone else that uses the Internet. There is news about Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, a new conference and of course Heartbleed!  So let’s jump in and see what has been happening.

Facebook News

So, Facebook is going to insist that iOS and Android users download an app to use the Facebook messenger and they have decided that they are going to take significant steps to clean up their feeds. Check out the latest below:

Twitter News

Twitter has a new look that is kind of like Facebook…yippee (not). There are going to be sticky tweets too and pretty soon there will pop-up notifications when people engage with you. All of these ideas kind of stink in my opinion and seem very ‘Facebook’ like. Twitter was great and simple and I like Twitter how it is, but it isn’t my choice. 🙂 Here is some info about these changes:

Universal Analytics is Here

You won’t lose the traditional functionality, but you will have new and better information as well. Google describes it as:

Universal Analytics is the re-imagining of Google Analytics for today’s multi-screen, multi-device world and all the measurement challenges that come with it.

Some helpful info:

Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed bug is being discussed everywhere everyday, but we figured we need to discuss it and fill in our customers.

Heartbleed is a security vulnerability in OpenSSL, a popular software library used to secure data transmitted online. OpenSSL is used by Amazon AWS Elastic Load Balancers, which AuthorityLabs uses for performance enhancement of our users’ accounts. AWS has patched their servers and as a safeguard we have updated all of our SSL certificates on all servers. An audit of our systems shows no evidence of any attack, but just to be safe we are recommending that all users update their AuthorityLabs password.

Some things you need to know:

Google AdWords Data Goes Not Provided

Well, people really lost it when the search industry lost keyword data in analytics. Many times I heard, “We still have AdWords data!”. Guess what, now we are going to lose that data too! Here are some articles you might want to check out.

Another Industry Conference – MarTech

Third Door Media has created another conference called MarTech and it is for people pioneering the field of technology-powered marketing. The first conference will be in Boston, August 19-20th. It looks as though they will be focusing on strategy and management, not just marketing. You can sign up for more information here

 Barry Schwartz’s News Recap

Barry clarifies some not provided issues with AdWords, Matt Cutts, Google business schema adding customer support and more. So check out this video to really get filled in.

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