Search Industry News Recap – Mar 28 2014

One thing our industry never stops doing is changing. A lot has gone in the last few weeks. So if you have been on vacation or hiding from the world here are some major headlines you might want to know about. We hope you have a great weekend.

Klout Sells for almost $200 Million – no joke!

Yes, that Klout was bought by Lithium Technologies, a provider of social customer experience solutions for the enterprise for nearly $200 million according to CNN Money. There has been a lot of different opinions on Klout in the past and they have recently made several changes in what appears to be an attempt to bring keep users more active. Lithium Technologies offers a variety of social-based products for businesses, so it will be interesting to see how they utilize Klout.

Google Goes all MMA on MyBlogGuest

Last week Google’s had of web spam made an announcement:

You can learn about what initially happened on Search Engine Land, but this wasn’t the end of it! Suddenly sites that had been a part of the network started getting penalized and the entire community chimed in (and not in good way). Here are some links you should check out.

At Pubcon NOLA we heard nothing but support for Ann Smarty and MyBlogGuest, but there are others that feel differently. Tell us what you think!

The IRS Says Bitcoin is Taxable

There for awhile all I heard was how great Bitcoin was, but as we have seen there have been several problems over the last couple of months. Now we are learning that many folks thought Bitcoin would help them avoid paying taxes (amongst other things. See more on CNN.

Facebook Buys Oculus, For $2 Billion

Yep, $2 Billion. There has been a lot of speculation about how this will change this massive social network and what it means for those using Facebook for marketing purposes. Marketers should keep an eye on stories relate to Oculus. We have all seen Facebook making lots of changes that, in my opinion, make the network less fun to use and more targeted to make money. I think the changes that are coming could potentially be the network’s downfall because they have somehow forgotten why people liked it in the first place.

Google’s Panda Granted a Patent on Ranking Search Results

Bill Slawski explains the latest about the new patent Google was granted.

Onstage at TED2014, Charlie Rose interviews Google CEO Larry Page

This is a very interesting interview. Where is Google going? Do you think they are going in the right direction?

Barry Schwartz’s News Recap

I don’t think you can stay notified about news in our industry if you don’t read Search Engine Roundtable. Barry Schwartz does a great video recap each week and he pretty much sums everything up quickly. I could link to all of his articles or you could just watch the recap (I think watching is easier, so here you go).

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