Shopping Online on Black Friday / Cyber Monday? Some Safety Tips

Many websites are already offering Black Friday deals and the holiday shopping has begun in a big way. Don’t think online criminals are not aware of this and they stand to make a lot of money this week by taking advantage of mistakes and a lack of security. Below we have an infographic with some online, shopping safety tips by IdentityHawk. Please read through the tip and see what you can do to ensure safer online shopping.

I also recommend you talk with your bank because many banks have safety features in place for online shoppers. For example, Bank of America allows you to get one-time-use credit card numbers to use online to eliminate any risk with your current credit or debit cards. I also recommend using PayPal when possible and to shop on sites that are trustworthy.  If you have any tips for shoppers please add them in the comments below.

Some other shopping tips:


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