Are You Sleeping with Your Technology?

I will admit that I have my iPad right next to my bed and typically use it before I go to sleep. In fact, in the past year or two I have noticed that I can’t even watch TV unless I am also using a computer, iPad or iPhone at the same time. It is almost like my brain isn’t working enough as I watch TV and needs to so something more. I often wonder if my brain is in overdrive and have been trying to force myself to just sit and watch something.

I use my iPhone as my alarm for waking up so it is out of the bedroom so I can avoid disturbing the husband too much (moms get up earlier), but my iPad and sometimes a computer are always next to the bed. In the infographic below I found I am not the only one. There were was one statistic in the infographic that shocked me a bit and it stated that people interrupt sex to text people back. WOW! I think I am addicted to my technology, but that would never happen.

That statistic has to make you think though – are we becoming so addicted to technology that we are losing true intimacy with those we love? I think if you are someone that prefers technology over human interaction it is time to put the tech toys down.  So let us know, can you sleep without a phone or tablet in the bedroom? Do you feel that you or your family is becoming addicted to technology? Where do we draw the line? Tell us your thoughts.

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