Sustainable SEO & Understanding Algorithms: Via Ryan Jones

When I cannot attend a conference I often check SlideShare for presentations to see what great information I might have missed. Some presentations look good, but there is not information for me to learn from. But, sometimes there are some presentations that have enough text that I or others can learn from them. These types of presentations are great to share and save.

I have found two presentations from Pubcon 2013 that I think offer some great information many could learn from. Both presentations are from Ryan Jones and they are very quick and easy to understand. Check them out!

Ryan’s 1st presentation is on “Sustainable SEO“. It offers information on avoiding penalties, briefly explains Hummingbird and it also discusses SEO tactics we have ruined and the proper ways we should be using different these tactics.

Ryan’s 2nd presentation is “Algorithm Chaos” and it breaks down some basics many may not have considered, two theories of SEO and some common algorithm myths .

Let us know what your favorite points are from these presentations.

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Ryan Jones

Thanks for the mention Melissa. We missed you at Pubcon, but your twitter stream made it kind of seem like you were there.

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