Syncing domains: A quick product update

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on the syncing feature. Based on your feedback we have updated the sync functionality to be a bit clearer on what exactly is happening there.

The checkboxes and sync button on a domain level was causing a lot of confusion and didn’t exactly represent the functionality. As a result, syncing has been moved to the group level and is a simple toggle switch. Green means go… or on… or in this case, sync. While gray on gray means syncing is not enabled and the group is just a regular group.

The Old Busted Joint (context):

  1. Click checkboxes
  2. Click Sync old-busted-sync
  3. Cross your fingers

New Hotness:

  1. Group your domains
  2. Click the sync icon to the left of the group name so the icon is green
    Before After
  3. Confirm, and enjoy a cool beverage in celebration.

Okay, maybe just smile a little because we also backgrounded the syncing process so that if you have a lot of keywords to sync, it doesn’t lock up your browser. However, when a sync is happening the domains in the syncing group will be unavailable until it is finished to avoid any conflicts.

Thanks again for the feedback, and as always, if you have issues or feedback click the support link in the app and let us know.

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I'm the Product Manager at AuthorityLabs, which means that I'm responsible for improving features and usability of all AuthorityLabs products.

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Steve Swedler

@Scott Syncing keeps all keywords the same across a group of domains. If you add or delete keywords from one domain in a group, it does that same action on all domains in a synced group.

Will Kenderdine

Awesome! Looking forward to test driving the sync feature tonight : )

AJ Mihalic

I don’t see how to get to the domain comparison report for sync’d groups any more. Did you remove this?

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