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7 Reasons It Kills to Have Awesome Content

In the music world, a one-hit wonder is a group that hits it big with one song that rises quickly in the Top 40, but then that group is never heard from again. Think Pseudo Echo’s “Funkytown,” Calloway’s “I Want to Be Rich” or Billie Meyers’ “Kiss the Rain.” Being a one-hit wonder is great… Read more »

Infographic Marketing 101: Embed This Codes

If you are a fan of infographics and/or using interesting images in your blog posts, I want to provide you one simple step that can greatly help you control the sharing of these forms of media. I’m referring to the “embed code” which is very simply a snippet of html code that allows someone to copy and paste the code into their own web pages and when they do, display the infographic or image.