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rankings-screenshotThe last couple of weeks we’ve been working on a quick little rank checker for the iPhone with the iPhone consultants at Held.  We pretty much built the initial app in a day and fine tuned it over a week or so.  Two days ago Apple approved it, with no notice to us 🙁  But now we know and everyone can download it via iTunes here.

This is the first version, we need some help testing it out, and would love feedback.  If you’ve got ideas, let us know in the comments below!

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Chase Granberry Founder and CEO of AuthorityLabs. He loves building things on the Internet, skiing in the winter and his beautiful wife.

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I’d love to try the app out, although when I clicked the link, I got the message from iTunes that it is not available in the Canadian iTunes Store. Any plans to let Canadians get a hold of the app too?

Chase Granberry

We haven’t seen enough demand for the iPhone version just yet. We have a lot more work to do on the actual web-app before we take the iPhone version further, but we will and when we do we’ll make sure to support all the countries we can. Didn’t want to get too complicated with it.

Rod Whisner

Hi – the app times out on me every time with a message “”This took longer than expected. Try again.”

Any advice?


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