Track Google Rankings in Cities Worldwide and New Report Scheduling

We’re excited to announce two new, awesome features that will be very useful for everyone using our rank tracking interface.

Worldwide City and Postal Code Rankings for Google

Tracking search results at the city level is now mandatory for many industries. We have had the ability to track rankings by city or zipcode for the United States as a feature of our interface for a while. As of today, you can begin tracking down to the city or zip code in almost every location worldwide that is supported by Google.

Track Google Rankings at the City Level

To get started, click the “Add Domain” button in your sidebar. You will be able to select a country and if we have supported cities within that country, an additional box will display where you can search for supported cities.

New Report Scheduling

While we have had several SEO reporting options for a while, many people have requested automatic emails of our PDF reports. You can now choose to send immediate, weekly, or monthly reports to anyone at any email address specified.

Scheduled PDF

When you set the PDF up to share, it will maintain the sorting options of your current view, so make sure to get it looking the way you want and then use the share button in the top right corner to schedule the report.

We know that everyone will love these new features. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us through the Support link in the sidebar of the interface.