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Mobile SERP tracking with AuthorityLabs has arrived!

You can now track mobile search results and compare the data to your current SERP data to see how well your site is doing in the mobile arena. The process is simple, just add a domain and check the “Track Mobile Results” box and we will start collecting data for you.

mobile serps

“Tracking mobile serps is more important than ever with the upcoming mobile-friendly Google update.”
Chase Granberry – Founder of AuthorityLabs

Mobile Tracking Tips & Info

1). Think about using a zip code when tracking mobile results because Google knows where you are on your phone. This is not required, but will give you some good indications of what your local clients/customers may be seeing when they search.

2). Remember that you can add mobile and desktop versions of domains to a group and sync that group so you’re always tracking the same keywords on desktop and mobile.

Grouping and sycning desktop and mobile versions of the same domain is a really easy way to compare the performance of a domain in the serps on desktop vs. mobile straight from your dashboard!

3). We automatically tag domains with the ‘mobile’ tag so you can easily filter your domains to show all the domains you’re tracking mobile results for.


4). We WANT your feedback! If you have any thoughts or sees any issues definitely let us know.

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Chase Granberry Founder and CEO of AuthorityLabs. He loves building things on the Internet, skiing in the winter and his beautiful wife.

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Chase Granberry

Hi Ferras! Not to an existing domain, you’ll have to add a new one. But… if you add the new one, get them in the same group, and sync them that is a really easy way to basically “copy” a keyword list from one to the other.


I’ve got the new domain and existing domain in the same group — but how do you “sync them”. I absolutely can’t find any sync button or anything that says sync! Given how many people already have existing domains and just need to add mobile ranking, can you walk users through how to do that — as in, give us clear step-by-step instructions!


If we do track in mobile it only tracks mobile, not desktop results, correct? Or, could we do the new domain/group/sync dance – then delete the old one and get both results just in one domain & not be charged for double the keywords?


Chase Granberry

Heya Jessica!! Yes, correct. You can do the new domain/group/sync dance and delete the old domain and not be charged for double the keywords. If you do have a desktop and mobile version of the same domain and same keywords, we do count those keywords separately because we have to pull different results for each.


But that would mean you’d lose all previous ranking-data of the domain, right? (unless exported)

Chase Granberry

Hey Johan… If you re-add the same domain and the same keywords you will have access to that historical data, but we won’t pull data for it while it’s not in your account.

Dawn Smith

Hey Chase – if we sync the domain and delete the original, we’ll just have the mobile results, not mobile and desktop – correct?

Chase Granberry

Hey Dawn… yep, that is correct! And that is a great way to ‘copy’ keywords to another domain.

Chase Granberry

Thanks Chris! We wanted to make sure we got this out, but we’ll take a look at making it a bit more intuitive for existing domains.

Nina de Leon

I noticed that for all keywords that are on the second page (#11-#20) on non-mobile show up as not ranking in the mobile version. Why is that?

Chase Granberry

Hi Nina! Would you email and let us know which specific domains and keywords you’re seeing that on? Let us know and if it’s an issue we’ll get it fixed!

Dids Main

Would be great if I didn’t have to have a separate report for mobile and they could be under the same domain but with different columns!

Chase Granberry

Thanks for the feedback!! We’ve got something like that one our radar for sure.


For ‘Mobile” Why not just add it as a new engine. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Google Mobile. Then simply selecting the “Google Mobile” engine, and bam, mobile results shown in their own column. Simple to use, simple to see results, intuitive, easy

Chase Granberry

Hey Scott!!

We actually did think about doing that, but did it this way for a couple reasons…

1) It follows the same convention as getting geotargeted results with AuthorityLabs, not only from a UX perspective but from an architecture perspective as well. This made implementation quite a bit simpler.

2) We already have a lot of columns going on, and we didn’t like the idea of adding another in certain spots.

3) We pull Yahoo and Bing results for every “keyword” automatically, and we do this with mobile results too.

4) Grouping and syncing is a couple extra steps but it potentially allows you to compare national desktop vs. local desktop vs national mobile vs local mobile all on one screen so the flexibility we get with a couple extra steps was worth it in our opinion.

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