What the Web is Saying About “Not Provided”

We found out this week that pretty soon all keywords will be “Not Provided” and many SEO’s are very upset, with good reason. We would love to know your feelings on this latest news. Many of us have been changing strategies since the whole “not provided” thing started by analyzing a variety of data to determine what is effective/working and what is not.

I personally recommend using a tool like Authority Labs to keep track of where you are ranking for keywords and then cross-referencing this data with page visits, site/page performance and your conversion data to get some great insights. There will be many great articles coming up with strategies you can use so pay attention in the next few weeks; keep your eye on Twitter and the search blogs. So far I think Rand at Moz has offered some of the best advice, but there will be more tips coming.

A List

If you have missed news about “Not Provided” and/or the online response I have created a list of articles that are educational and helpful.

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