Website Hacking Recovery 101 [Videos]

Google has put a set of videos together that can help business owners understand what it means to be hacked, what hacking is and what you can do about it.

The first video explains what hacking is and what typically happens when a website is hacked. I believe all businesses should watch this to understand what can happen to their websites and have an understanding of the results of hacking.

It is also important for businesses to keep in mind that the hosting service they choose  is critical in regards to the recovery of a hacked site. Paying more for better support is often better than getting a cheap hosting service that doesn’t have the proper backups in place or the experience to properly handle something as serious as a hacked website.

The videos following the first tell you exactly what steps to take if your site has been hacked.

First Things to Do After Being Hacked

Assessing the Damage

Videos on-  Spam, Malware, Error Template, SQL injection, File Damage, Server Configuration

Hacked Website Recovery Recommendations

Identify the Vulnerability & Clean and Maintain Your Site

Request a Review Through Google Once Errors are Fixed

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