We’re Almost There

We’re still working on that last little bug, which is keeping ALL keywords from getting consistent daily data.  We’ve narrowed it down to an issue we’re having with Amazon S3 and are working through it.  I know this has been frustrating for everyone … it’s been extremely frustrating for us, knowing we’ve disappointed these last couple weeks.  We really are very close.

One of the things we’ve done to keep this from happening in the future, is implemented an awesome server monitoring solution. It allows us to check on the status of everything in real-time throughout the day. So, if we’re behind for some reason, or things aren’t performing like they should, we’ll know immediately and can adjust accordingly before you all see any issues in your accounts. We had built something similar, in our own admin, but it wasn’t near what we could accomplish with Scout in such a short time period.

Expect cool new stuff in your accounts next week, a more detailed update as to how AuthorityLabs works now, and all your billing or downgrades dates to be pushed back, crediting you for these issues.

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Chase Granberry Founder and CEO of AuthorityLabs. He loves building things on the Internet, skiing in the winter and his beautiful wife.

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Scott Krager

Thanks for the update Chase. This has been frustrating, but I’m excited about all the new features and know you guys are working hard to fix everything!


I would assume this is related to why the old (non 2010) api is no longer returning search engine ranks/counts for watched keywords since yesterday? We all work in tech, so we understand that things break…Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

Chase Granberry

Yeah, that’s the process which generates all the actual data for yesterday … which we had issues with again, but are running it now so they’ll be ready in a couple hours.

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