What Does Google Think About Advertorials? What You Need to Know

If your website or blog publishes advertorials, native advertising and/or editorial content this is a video you must watch. Sometimes websites owners/bloggers do not know the guidelines Google has put into place and unfortunate things can happen (like a drop in ranking, removal from Google news and/or the site is deleted from the index).

In this video Google’s Matt Cutts explains what you need to know about advertorials or paid content. The goal here is to avoid any negative consequences from Google. So please watch and learn what Google wants you to know about advertorials, paid advertising, links and disclosure.

Always keep in mind that Google makes these videos for a reason. Matt states in this video that Google is going to continue to take “strong action” when they find that adequate disclosure has not been made clear to the website user.

It is better that you know how to handle these forms of paid advertising on your site and make the appropriate changes now then try to fix penalties later.

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Milan Jara

Thanks for the post Melissa it is certainly eye opening and it makes sense for Google to take strong action against advertorials.

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