Why Keyword Rank Tracking is Still Important


Folks ask me all the time what AuthorityLabs is. When I explain we offer keyword rank tracking I am often asked why it is needed. I am always surprised at the question. I often find that the people asking are newer to online marketing or SEO and they have read that “keywords” don’t matter. Keywords do matter! They were even mentioned by John Oliver last week on his show. Keywords will always matter and with semantic search keywords matter now more than ever.

Semantic search is aimed at determining the searchers intent and the contextual meaning of the term or keywords a person is searching for. Semantic search opens the door for a variety of related terms and options based on what was originally searched for.

So essentially, if you are planning an SEO strategy your need to not just be focused on a few keywords you think are important, but also what the user is trying to determine with their search – you have to focus on the questions they have and the knowledge they are searching for – then create your keyword strategy.

You need to know which keywords or phrases are ranking and working for you.

Google Analytics Took Away Our Keywords, So Work Around it!

So, thanks to Google we can no longer see what keywords people searched for to find our website and/or specific web pages, but you can work around this for the data you need. If you know which pages are ranking for each keyword, which is what the AuthorityLabs tool shows you, and you can see the traffic for those specific pages in GA, you basically have an indicator of whether or not your keyword rankings are sending traffic.

Look at the acquisition data in Google Analytics. What was the path people took to get to that page? If it was a search engine, take the keywords you are focused on for that page and check the search rankings for the word(s). This is your indicator.

Mobile Rank Tracking

I don’t need to review all the stats on how many people are searching and buying through mobile, this changes daily anyway, but we all know it is massive!

It is critical for every business to know where they rank in mobile search vs. desktop. You also need to know where your competitors rank. Mobile ranking data tells you where you need to put in your best efforts with SEO, marketing and how to supplement with PPC & app advertising.

DataIf you are reading this and thinking “Melissa works for AuthorityLabs, of course she will say it is awesome”, I see your point, but that is not why I am writing this. I am writing about the importance of keyword rankings because the data is valuable.

I believe to the depths of my soul that the ranking data you receive from AuthorityLabs is needed keyword data to be used for content development, SEO strategies, offline marketing strategies, and it will help you determine how you should invest in paid ads.

Here are my favorite features:

  1. Track keyword rankings via country, city & zip code – You don’t have to worry about personalized or local search results you get when you search on your own. You get the real data and you get to see how those rankings change over time.
  1. Mobile ranking data – Again, via country, city & zip code. You can compare how you rank on mobile searches vs. desktop searches.
  1. Now Provided, – With this tool you can see what keyword opportunities you are missing! Get data on what people are searching for and get some new ideas for all you marketing efforts. See what Stephan Spencer says about this data on Search Engine Land.
  1. You can keep track of competitor rankings, create weekly or monthly reports with automated data exports, organize keywords by category, group related sites, graph rankings over time, your entire team can have access, and we have an API. There is even more that the toolset offers and you can see all the options on our tour page.

AuthorityLabs offers a free 30 day trial so try out the tools and see how powerful the data can be. And don’t forget the importance of keywords – we all use them for search.

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AuthorityLabs Community Jedi - Melissa Fach is the owner of SEOAware, LLC that specializes in consulting and training businesses. She is also the Community Jedi at AuthorityLabs, the Social Community Manager for Pubcon, a past Editor of Search Engine Journal and a big cat volunteer. You can find her on Twitter @SEOAware.

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