Writing About SEO in 2014: 4 Musts for Success

2014 SEOA new year is upon us and the writing about SEO and SEO-related topics will continue. However, my wish for 2014 is that the content I read improves. Good SEO articles consist of the following:

1. Up-to-Date Information

Way too often I see blogs that publish user-generated posts offering information that is out of date and therefore invalid and perhaps hurtful to the reader. When writing about anything SEO or code related it is critical that the information provided is up-to-date. If as a writer someone fails to double check the validity of what they are saying the writer takes a massive chance on forever hurting their reputation in the SEO industry. Don’t publish unless you know everything you are saying is 100% true and correct.

2. Proper Resources

It is always helpful for the reader to be provided with relevant resources. I think it is also very helpful for those new to the industry to have links to some of the basic concepts or terms in articles.

By including resources and links that support what the writer is saying it shows the reader that the writer takes the time to stay properly informed and that they truly understand the ins-and-outs of the topic they are discussing. Resources are education and people are reading to be educated.

3. Different Perspectives

Typically when there is a change in our industry everyone publishes something about it, but unfortunately the articles are all so similar that no one reads them. Who wants to read the same thing over and over? BUT, if you explain things from a different perspective or give a view  / suggestions that offer value you make yourself stand out from the crowd.

4. Actionable Information

Every article, despite the subject, needs to include actionable information that a reader can put into place. Remember, people are reading to be educated and to find something useful that they can use in their life. My hope in 2014 is that every article, even those that are opinion-based, will include something that the reader can use to help themselves or a client in the future.

There is No Room for Mediocrity in 2014

I have seen enough mediocrity to last a lifetime. I hope that the writers of SEO articles in 2014 will focus on offering something amazing instead of just writing to write.


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AuthorityLabs Community Jedi - Melissa Fach is the owner of SEOAware, LLC that specializes in consulting and training businesses. She is also the Community Jedi at AuthorityLabs, the Social Community Manager for Pubcon, a past Editor of Search Engine Journal and a big cat volunteer. You can find her on Twitter @SEOAware.

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Chuck R

you mean you’re tired of reading the same regurgitated blog post on 80 different sites? Let’s all hope this is the trend this year… here here.


The need for information to be up-to-date is so true! This is why I like to include dates on my posts so that readers can quickly see if the information is current.

I agree with you completely Melissa re. the need for new, fresh content. I like to read articles that are not just a regurgitation of every other article I have read. This is one reason why I particularly like to read case studies that document results achieved from implementing a strategy. They tend to be more unique and more actionable.

Ben Sailer

I’d add that people need to quit writing “(Blank) Is Dead” posts. All they do is drum up fear and speculation to the benefit of absolutely no one, and they’re nearly always inaccurate.

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