Keyword Grouper Building out a keyword list can be a real pain. Spare yourself some tedious work by automatically organizing your list into segmented groups. Download the Tool


AuthorityLabs Keyword Grouper will help you automatically segment your keywords into relevant groups based on the words in each keyword. The idea here is that you should be segmenting big collections of keywords into smaller, more targeted lists. When you analyze various reports per group you can have a better understanding of how each type of keyword performs as a whole.


Once you have the link, copy the spreadsheet into your Google Sheets account – File > Make a copy.

Copy your keyword list into the _Keywords tab.

Next, click Keywords > Group (in the menu up top!)

Optionally you can click Keywords > Tabify and each group will be broken out by tab.

To start fresh, select Keywords > Cleanup to delete all tabs to the right of the _Keywords tab.


The Tabify feature can take a while and Google Sheets doesn’t handle lots of tabs very well.

We’ve tested keyword lists up to 10,000 keywords and it seems to work fairly quickly. Your mileage may vary. The minimum group size is 3 keywords. You’ll see a _nogroup group for keywords that did not fit into any group.


Please email for feedback. Suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

Download the Tool