101 Wednesday Recap: Basic Formatting in Google Spreadsheets

If you weren’t able to attend our last 101 Wednesday Hangout you missed an awesome t-shirt and me not being able to talk without moving my hands.

But don’t worry! We have the full video of the event below. You can pause, rewind and take in the skillz at your own pace. You can also follow along with with the tutorial by copying the Google Spreadsheet I used to your own Google Drive.

Tori Cushing 101 Wednesday

Here’s is what was covered in this week’s 101 Wednesday…

General formatting

  • Getting rid of gridlines
  • Conditional formatting
  • Edit color of the formatting rules

Pretty charts

  • Inset a bar graph
  • Change color of bars
  • Format for your branding
  • Add a combination chart
  • Plot data on a secondary axis
  • Add in data markers without a line

Cool tools

  • Filter tool
  • Inserting an image from url

View all this awesomeness right here:

Stay tuned for the next 101 Wednesday in two weeks! We’ll be covering all Conditional Formatting in Excel and check out our previous hangout “Creating Charts and Tables in Excel“.

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Tori Cushing is a Metrics Maverick at Authority Labs. She specializes in mining through mountains of data to find the precious jewels.

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