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Are you tired of doing SEO and not knowing which keywords are sending traffic to each page of your site? We know that successful search campaigns rely on both knowing where you rank for terms you know about which terms the engines think your pages are about.

Simply authorize your Google Analytics account within AuthorityLabs and we will compile a Now Provided report so you can get your keywords back.

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More Keyword Opportunities

Keyword Opportunities

Let’s face it. You work hard for organic traffic. There’s nothing “free” about it. With (Not Provided) becoming the norm for keyword data in analytics tools, our Now Provided report is now a key part of any SEO toolkit. Focusing efforts on pages and keywords that already have some traction in the engines can be quick wins that pay off in a big way.

We combine rankings, Google Analytics, volume, and competition data to highlight your important keyword opportunities. Easily add these keywords to your rank tracking so you know where you stand with your SEO efforts every day.

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We all know that the goal of improved rankings is to drive organic traffic, so monitoring that traffic as easily as possible is key to your success. No other tool gives you an easier method for tracking the number of pages sending organic traffic every day. Even Google Analytics makes it difficult to get ahold of this data in an easy to view report.

We provide a full year of daily organic landing page metrics so that you can see trends throughout the year and get an idea of how your SEO efforts are paying off.

Organic SEO Report

Experts Agree. Now Provided is Seriously Awesome.

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“The report is incredibly useful and automated once it is setup. Find and identify keywords sitting in the ‘sweet spots’ where you can bump them up with on-page optimization and better user engagement.”Todd Malicoat (AKA Stuntdubl)

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