11 Tools To Help You Make More Money Online

You have an online business or a business with an online presence for one reason – to make money. Sure, you may love the business that you’re in but in the end it all comes down to one thing – paying the bills. Whether you’re already raking in the cash or only seeing a few pennies trickle in, you should always have a goal of making more money online and these 11 tools can help you do just that.

ClickTale’s product allows you to watch the browsing behavior of a user on your own website. With ClickTale you can watch visitors, track mouse movements, view attention heatmaps and more. If you know how your visitors are browsing the site, then you can create a better placement strategy for your revenue generating items.

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CrazyEgg is a web optimization suite that takes raw traffic data for a specific page and presents it in a visual format, allowing you to quickly see how visitors are using your website and what changes you need to make. CrazyEgg offers four different payment plans including a $9/month plan for smaller sites so even beginners can get started without busting the budget.

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Learn more about your marketing campaigns with KISSmetrics’ person-based analytics. You can find out where visitors drop off a page, view the success (or failure) rate of your various marketing campaigns, improve your conversion rate and increase revenues with KISSmetrics. KISSmetrics even offers a free 30-day trial with no credit card required.

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While KISSmetrics analyzes what visitors do on your site so that you can make improvements, KISSinsights allows you to ask visitors what they want. With KISSinsights you can easily ask your visitors a question instead of leaving them to wander around your site trying to find what they are in search of. If you start to see a trend with the questions, you know what needs to be changed on your site. Talking to your customers always provides valuable insight.

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UserVoice is another tool that allows you to hear directly from your customers. The tool can quickly gather visitor feedback, share your responses to this feedback and even allow visitors to discuss and vote on ideas. One thing that I love about UserVoice is that it doesn’t require your visitors to register and instead allows them to login with their Facebook ID, Google Account or simply a name and email address. This removes a major roadblock to receiving customer feedback – site registration.

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Survey Monkey
If you’ve been an active Internet user for at least a couple of years then you’ve probably come across a Survey Monkey survey at least once. The site allows you to create a custom survey so that you can find out exactly why someone came to your site, what they are looking for, how to improve your product and more. You can also conduct the same survey at regular intervals to see how effective your changes were.

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UserTesting.com taps into their team of end users to find out how a site visitor in your defined demographic performs a task declared by you. You can watch the video of an actual person using your site to perform this task, watch the individual’s screen activity, listen to the user’s voice and even ask follow-up questions. The service provides you with real-time user testing without the cost or hassle of setting up your own focus group.

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GazeHawk is another tool that maps where your site visitor’s gaze falls. If your landing page has an “Order Now” button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and visitors are focusing on the upper left-hand corner then you know something needs to change. You can also use the tool to determine whether your own ads are eye-catching before deploying them to affiliate sites.

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Google Website Optimizer
Even the most fantastic tool in the world won’t help you make more money online if your site isn’t optimized and working properly. Google’s Website Optimizer is free, easy to set up and allows you to quickly compare two different versions of a page, test multiple versions of only a section of a page and more.

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Unbounce is a great landing page tool, especially if you don’t have an expert web admin on staff. With Unbounce you can quickly and easily create, publish and optimize a landing page. The site has a WYSIWYG editor, templates, one click A/B testing, widgets and the ability to use your own domain in the URL. You can then test this new landing page with A/B version tests, optimize it accordingly and increase your ROI.

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Attention Wizard
Attention Wizard describes its service as “eye tracking without the eyes.” In other words, the company’s artificial intelligence simulates a human viewing a web site or an image and creates a heatmap prediction. Since Attention Wizard uses AI, you can use their service with live sites or design mockups.

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Some of these tools are purely analytics-based and others allow you to get feedback directly from potential and existing customers. While the tools all take a bit of a different approach to gathering data, they are all useful in helping you make more money by optimizing your site.

What’s your favorite tool that helps you make more money online?

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Don’t forget the video marketing. It’s the fastest and most impressive way to promote your website and product. I use DemoCreator to make screencasting video. It’s a screen recorder record my screen as video.


Thanks for the mention of Unbounce Melissa – and a great list of tools.

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