Keep Track Of Your Competitor’s Rankings Along With Your Own

The nature of Google’s algorithm is one of constant change. We know that on a daily basis there are new tweaks and changes happening, as well as the long term trends. Rankings are never the end all metric when it comes to success in digital marketing. However, since you can’t actually access your competitors Google analytics, it can be a very useful comparison metric since you can get that data.

Group & Sync Your Rank Tracking in Authority Labs


Thanks to Get Insured 24/7 for allowing us to use them as an example.

If you didn’t know it :P, AuthorityLabs provides rank ranking. Once you add a domain to your profile in AuthorityLabs you can use the “Sync” feature to add a second domain and have it keep track of the same set of keywords and phrases. Right now I’ve already added the domain a second time to keep track of mobile rankings and was surprised to see they are different from Desktop.

Add in some competitor domains so we can compare performance over time.

Here is how:

Add Rank Tracking For A New Domain

Be sure to select the group you want to added them to here.

On the next step when you are prompted to add keywords, you can actually leave that blank and return to the main domains section. The syncing will do the work for you.

Sync Your domain tracking
Once you add those domains it will take just a little while for them to sync and return results. But from that point forward whatever new keywords you add or remove will be added and removed from all of the domains.

Other Ideas For Using The Sync Feature

  • Group your brand terms vs. your non-brand keywords
  • Group your group your longtail keywords vs. your head keywords & phrases
  • Compare performance by Zip Code
  • Compare Mobile to Non-Mobile

Have some other ideas how you might use this handy keyword Group rank tracking feature? Be sure to share them in the comments!