Reminder: Raven Tools Imports, Historical Data, and Wildcards

We’re quickly coming up on Raven Tools’ deadline for getting rank tracking out of their system. If you haven’t already, make sure to send over your API keys so that we can import your keywords and domains before the API is shut off.

Historical Data

If you haven’t already, make sure you export a copy of your historical data from Raven. Info on how to do that can be found here. Our importer for the historical data is going through some final testing today and the interface for allowing you to upload the zip file from Raven Tools will go live in the next couple of days. Since we elected to do these imports from the zip file rather than the API, we’re not limited by the January 2nd deadline to get this data in. With the number of people coming over from Raven Tools and the amount of data that will be imported, doing the imports via API wasn’t a safe and reliable option. You do need to make sure to get the export file from Raven though.


For those who have had data imported from Raven, you may have noticed some URLs containing “((!wild!))” at the beginning. These are URLs that were being tracked in Raven’s system as “*.” so that all subdomains were being picked up. Since our system can track as granular of a URL as you would like, we can’t reliably use the “*” to indicate a wildcard. By allowing this wildcard to be used in place of subdomains, subfolders, or file names, everyone ends up with much more flexibility in what they are able to track and separate out in their tracking. We’ll be refining the display and use of those “((!wild!))” indicators over the next week and we’re pretty sure everyone will find the flexibility to be invaluable.