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The AdWords API team has been making serious improvements on their API. We had been using the old version of their API, because that was the only thing available, but we’re now upgraded to the latest version.

We used to not be able to get search volume numbers as you would see them when set to ‘Exact Match’ over on the AdWords External Keyword Tool. With the new AdWords API, we’re now bringing in Exact Match numbers. What’s the difference between ‘Exact Match’ and ‘Broad Match’? Basically, ‘Broad Match’ gives you search volume numbers on that term, and closely associated terms to that one. ‘Exact Match’ supposedly tells us how many people searched for that term exactly on average in a given month.

We’re also pulling in, not only the average number of searches globally, but also the search volume targeted to a locale. So, if you’re tracking the same domain for multiple locales within AuthorityLabs, you’ll see more targeted keyword suggestions based on the locale. You can also choose to show local search volume numbers for the previous month vs. average global search volume numbers.

In our demo account, we’re tracking for four different locales (US, Canada, UK and Australia) to understand how they’re represented in those SERPs.  Lets take a look at some of the keyword suggestions we get for targeted at different locales…

United States

US Keyword Suggestions for

Canada Keyword Suggestions for
United Kingdom

UK Keyword Suggestions for

Australia Keyword Suggestions for

Once you have keywords in your account, you can choose to view the Global Volume data, or the Local Volume simply by clicking a link in your Tasks section.

Getting Local Search Volume Numbers in AuthorityLabs

We’re much happier with these numbers, and the ability to get targeted search volume data.  All this data is also accessible via our API as well.  Keep an eye for backlink data in your account soon.

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