Want to Work at AuthorityLabs?

AuthorityLabs is a kick ass place to work and we’re hiring for the following positions:

Noob to Bad ass (Developer)

AuthorityLabs is a self-funded startup in Chandler, AZ. Basically, we get to play with lots of data every day and use the tools that allow us to do that efficiently at scale. Our current technical team of two manages over 1500 instances and two profitable products. We’re looking to bring someone on who can help us push to the next phase.

In the early days you’ll working closely with customer support and business development to make sure our current products are operating as they should be to retain customers and land new ones. This includes pretty much everything from making code changes to firing up new instances. You’ll get experience in scaling web apps using things like Rails, Ruby, MongoDB, Redis and of course MySQL.


  • Familiarity with GSD (getting shit done)
  • Must do it live (/play live)
  • Ruby / Rails experience required
  • Desire to learn new things outside of work is a must
  • Be prepared to come up to speed quickly
  • Follows @DEVOPS_BORAT

Send your resume to jobs@authoritylabs.com to apply.

Web / Design Intern (Paid)

AuthorityLabs is looking for a part-time designer to help take the next iteration of our interface to market. We need someone to help iterate on interface designs and deliver HTML / CSS to our developers to implement.

You’ll be working working directly with the Founder, CTO, Marketing Director and developers (offices at Gangplank Chandler) to implement an updated brand and interface for AuthorityLabs. This position could quickly turn into a full-time position if it’s a good fit.

AuthorityLabs is a small but rapidly growing self-funded startup focusing on software for the search marketing industry. Your work will reach thousands of people from small businesses to the Fortune 100.


  • Experience designing web sites and client facing interfaces
  • Taking Photoshop files and converting those to clean HTML/CSS layouts
  • Must be able to work out of Gangplank Chandler on a part-time basis
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly is a must
  • An affinity for data, and a desire to creatively display data in various ways
  • Basic understanding of search marketing concepts

Send your resume to jobs@authoritylabs.com to apply.